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Phillip Island – The island of Penguins

By on 9. Januar 2017

Phillip Island is a really pretty place. This small island in the east of Melbourne has a lot of cool things to see and is known as the island of penguins. When you take a trip, make sure you bring your camera, because you gonna see some terrific stuff. From awesome wildlife to stunning nature and motor sports.

Phillip Island – The island of Penguins

After me and three friends visited the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians National Park and Melbourne (short stopover), we went to Phillip Island. Back home in Hamburg, I already made the decision, that I want to visit this place, because I heard a lot of good things about it. After we were there, I can confirm that a 100%. It also is a place, where a lot of families from Melbourne go to on their vacations. It is a very enjoyable place. We stayed there for 2 days, which is a the perfect time to see everything you need to see.

Our way to Phillip Island. We stopped at a park and slept there before we went over the bridge

Phillip Island – General information

Phillip Island is about 80 km away from Melbourne – the city where I lived for 3 month. You reach it by driving over a 640 m bridge. The island is pretty flat and small. The highest point is about 109 m above sea level and the island itself has a size of about 100 km². But still it is a very busy place. Phillip Island has more than 3,5 million visitors every year, which is a massive number. That is, because it is very beautiful and people want to see the penguin parade as well as the Moto GP race 😉

Maybe this island has so many visitors as well, because it is just a perfect place to relax, especially for people in Melbourne, who want to escape the busy work life.

The first Wombat I saw in Australia was on Phillip Island

Phillip Island – Activities and attractions

Phillip Island might be small, but that does not mean, that you can not do anything there. In fact, it actually has a lot to do. The most popular things are the Maze`n things, the Antartic journey, the Koala Conservation Centre and the Penguin Parade. There actually is even more to do, but it just depends on what you like. You could also visit a Chocolate Factory or an entertainment centre. In my opinion most people are there to just relax and hang out.

Phillip Island has various places where you can do so. You can also find a couple good spots for surfing beginners and wind surfers in the south of the island. Additionally you can go fishing, hiking, cycling, do a boat tour or have a calm day at a local spa. There are various options 🙂

We went for a small hike

We met some kangaroos

Phillip Island – Nature and wildlife

This is the most beautiful thing about Phillip Island. The nature and wildlife. You will find so many fantastic beaches. When me and my friends were there, we just spent a night there having a couple beers with locals, that we met on the beach. It is easy to get in contact to people at such a peaceful and relxing place. Phillip Island is also a mecca for bird spotters and animal lovers. At Cape Woolamai you can find many different bird species and do watersports, which is quite fun. The penguin parade attracts locals and tourists equally.

What basically happens there, is cute little penguins running back to their nests in the evening to go to sleep. On some days you will see thousends of them. A spectacle!

Plus it is very cute and cool to look at, if you have not seen something like this before. Unfortunately we where not allowed to take any photos, because the flash is dangerous for the penguins. But I guess you can almost imagine how it might be 🙂

Besides that, you can hang out at heaps of other pretty beaches as well as spotting the largest group of seals in Australia at “Seals Rock” near the Nobbies Centre. And the sunsets you get there are pretty awesome too 😉

Spotting some birds on Phillip Island

Went to a wildlife sanctuary to see some koalas

Phillip Island – Grand Prix Circuit

Another and last cool thing about Phillip Island is the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. The circuit was built in 1924 and has capacity for about 90.000 fans. Every year there are many different races on the 4.4 km race track. The highlight is the motorbike world tour as well as the Supercar World Championship. Because I am a big motorbike fan myself, I went there with some friends and had a look at the track. It is a pretty cool experience, if you are interested in something like that. You can also go inside the front entry and have a look at some trophies, the podium and historic moments. Very nice!

Grand Prix Circuit museum

The podium at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit museum

The winner’s trophies

Some motorsport protecting clothes

After we spent 2 days there, we figured, that it was time to head on to the next adventure – Wilsons Promontory National Park. This was definitely one of my highlights in Australia and it was one of the places where I really got travel bugged.



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