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Melbourne vs Sydney – A never ending Story

By on 3. Januar 2017

When you travel within Australia you will eventually come across the topic – Melbourne vs Sydney – which city is the better one? I would not say, that there is a better one anyway. They are both amazing cities and they have a lot of cool things to do and to see…

Melbourne vs Sydney – A never ending story

Starting this blog post I have to admit, that I can not really say, which or even if there is a winner when it comes to the question of  – Melbourne vs Sydney. Because of the fact, that I lived in Melbourne for 3 month (stayed only 1 week in Sydney), I have to say, that I obviously like Melbourne more than Sydney. That does not mean, that I do not like Sydney. I actually love it as well. Both cities are wonderful for many, many reasons, but in this article I want to keep it more objective.

Great times by the ocean in both of these cities

Melbourne vs Sydney: #1 – Location and climate

In order to say something positive or negative about any city you have to consider where it is located. Regarding Melbourne vs Sydney you only have to consider where it is located in relation to the climate. Both cities are close to the sea and surrounded by the ocean. They have a river, a port, many beaches, etc., but the climates are a bit different. Because of the fact that Sydney is up further north than Melbourne, the climate is more pleasant.

I would always prefer Sydney during the wintertime, because it can get pretty cold in Melbourne. In Sydney the temperature does not get under 7 °C. In Melbourne it can get under 0 °C. During summer it can get pretty hot in Melbourne (up to almost 40 °C) In Sydney it rarely gets over 32 °C. So summarizing you can say, that Sydney has a more constant climate than Melbourne. If you like that, Sydney should be your favourite. If you do not have a problem with bigger changes, than Melbourne is the place to be.

Sydney always has a quiet pleasant climate

Melbourne’s weather has more ups and downs – German sunscreen does not help during “ups”

Melbourne vs Sydney: #2 – The infrastructure

Regarding the question – Melbourne vs Sydney – you also have to consider the infrastructure of both cities. In my opinion they are equally good. Just like anywhere else in Australia you will find good transportation links in both cities. You have heeps of trains, taxis, buses, ferrys, trams and even bicycles to rent. The infrastructure is even better than in many European countries like Croatia for example. Both cities are very modern and maybe even a bit ahead of time anyway. You will recognize that pretty quickly, when you visit either of them.

One of many trams in Melbourne

One of many train and taxi staions in Sydney

Melbourne vs Sydney: #3 – Art, artists, colours, music and much more

I think in this case Melbourne wins in the battle of – Melbourne vs Sydney. Melbourne is the city of art, artists and colours. Even though Sydney has a lot of cool artists, street art and so on, but it just can not compete with Melbourne. Everywhere you go, you will find musicians, clowns, magicians, etc. as well as colourful small side alleys and big painted walls. Very beautiful! You will definitely not get bored when you walk around these two cities 🙂

Streetart in Melbourne

Sydney is not inferior in terms of streetart

Melbourne vs Sydney: #4 – Sights, activities and surroundings

This is a tie in the question of Melbourne vs Sydney. Whether you are visitng Melbourne or Sydney, there is always something to do and to see in both cities. Sydney for example has the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Melbourne fascinates with the federation square, Crown Casino and the whole composition of how the city is built. Both cities offer a big variety of activities to do. You can visit the botanic gardens, zoos, aquariums, local markets, beaches, old parts, sport stadiums and much more.

You might also experience coll parties on “Australia Day”, “Chinese New Year” or “White Night”, when you are staying in Sydney or Melbourne at the right time. The same thing occures with the cities surroundings. Close to Sydney you will find the Blue Mountains and the Kanangra Boyd National Park. Melbourne has the Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory and the Great Ocean Road. So whether you stay in Melbourne or in Sydney you will have enough ahead of you to discover.

One of many sights in Melbourne – Etihad stadium

Opera House – Nr. 1 attraction in Sydney

Melbourne vs Sydney: #5 – People and cultures

This one is a hard one in the question of Melbourne vs Sydney. While living in Melbourne for 3 month I had the chance to learn a lot of useful lessons and got to know wonderful people. Even though I stayed in Sydney for only a week I can say the same thing there. But anyway, Melbourne is known for being a young, vibrant and culturally diverse city. You find people from all over the world (same in Sydney). I lived with people from India, UK, Germany, Italy, Mauritius and so on.

I met even more nationalities out on the street or at parties. Just from my feeling I would say, that people in Melbourne are a bit younger on an avarage and just a little more different, which is ment in a good way 😉 People are very open minded and just cool. It is pretty similiar in Sydney, but Melbourne just tops it all. Obviously you can only really experience that, when you live there for quite a while…

A friend from Mauritius, that I met in Melbourne

So it does not matter which city you choose in the question of Melbourne vs Sydney. Both of them are wonderful and you will have a blast in either one. Everyone has his/ her own pick. If you like a more constant climate and a more beachy kind of style, than go for Sydney. If you like an open minded, vibrant and never sleeping city, than choose Melbourne 🙂



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