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Grampians National Park in the heart of Victoria

By on 9. Januar 2017

The Grampians National Park is something special for sure. Along the way you will find heeps of nice spots to have a look at. Untouched nature, pure wildlife and fantastic views. The Grampians National Park is a cool place for every nature and animal lover as well as every normal tourist, because of its big variety.

Grampians National Park in the heart of Victoria

The way to the Grampians National Park

To start things off I want to tell how we got to the Grampians National Park and what I have learned on that short journey. As you can read here I want to focus on the personal development through travelling as well. After me and 3 friends spend a couple days on the Great Ocean Road we spent a night in Adelaide and then headed on to the Grampians National Park. During the night in Adelaide I learned something about travelling again.

The way to the Grampians National Park

The backround was, that we slept at a normal camping ground and had a couple drinks. All of us are germans, one thing led to another and two of my friends started talking about politics. Because they had different opinions, they suddenly started screaming at each other. Imagine people screaming at each other in german… yeah well, you know what I mean 😉

I learned straight away, that from all of the different ways to travel you can choose, you will often have to adjust and get along with people and situations, even if you do not want to. But you learn from it. A small lesson that often occures in life, but still a very useful one 😉

Sunrise before we arrived in the Grampians National Park

History and landscape

Now let’s talk about the important part, the Grampians National Park itself. The impressive landscape developed over millions of years, lying in the middle of Victoria – the smallest state of Australia. While we were there, a lot of it was burned, because of a big bushfire. Be careful with that! As you drive through the Grampians National Park you will see various cliffs, waterfalls and small creeks. You will find yourself surrounded by natural beauty. Very lovely!

I recommend to take a rental car or your own, because the park is quiet big. Especially when you get on one of many hills you can see the whole beauty of the park and its pretty rock formations. Additionally you can find some very old historical sites of the Aborigines. Also worth visiting 🙂

The Grampians National Park after a bushfire

View onto some bigger hills

Many different activities to do

There are heaps of things to do in the Grampians National Park. You can go swimming, kajaking, visit some waterfalls like the MacKenzie Falls and especially go for a hike. We took some time to do two different cool things. Because we were living in a car, we always had to camp and eat outside with our camping dishes. That is what we did here. We cooked a great meal (spaghetti with tomato souce 😉 ) in the middle of a forest. No noises, just the sounds of nature. So peaceful!

We also hiked up a hill to see the park from above. A hike in this area is awesome. You discover the beautiful area and get in contact with nature. At Halls Gap you also have the opportunity to visit a shopping center or go to some restaurants.

You can hang out at the river nearby

Where we parked our car to have spaghetti

Hiking through the Grampians National Park

Pure wildlife

The animal world in the Grampians National Park is very special. You can find koalas, kangaroos, different reptiles and bird species there. I saw my first wild kangaroo there! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kangaroos look different in every area of Australia. These ones were small and dark brown. Very cute! We also drove to a small park with about 40 wild kangaroos. I got told there by an old couple for the first time, that these animals can be very dangerous.

When you come to close to the females, the males, which wait in the bushes 50 – 100 m away, will start to run towards you with about 50 km/ h and attack you. They can grab your head and rip your body apart with their big claws. I had one grunting 5 meters behind me when a friend took a picture of me. So be careful 😉 But in general they are very calm and nice. Believe me. So definitely consider to take some time for enjoying the wild side of the Grampians National Park.

My first wild kangaroo

My first dead kangaroo

The normal park where a kangaroo grunted at me and almost got angry

Summarizing I would say, that the Grampians National Park is worth a trip for sure. I would recommend to take 1 or 2 days. It is enough to see the most important parts and get an impression of the area. It is definitely different compared to the Great Ocean Road and the other national parks in the area. After we were done with discovering this gorgeous piece of nature, we headed on to Phillip Island.

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