Blue Mountains National Park, travel, blog
Blue Mountains National Park, travel, blog
Blue Mountains National Park, travel, blog
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Blue Mountains National Park – A stunning piece of Nature

By on 25. Januar 2017

The Blue Mountains National Park is a stunning piece of nature. It is located close to Sydney and attracts many visitors every year. Because of its wonderful views and the old history, it is a place that has to be on the list of everyone, who travels the East Coast of Australia. Especially in summer time the park evolves its whole beauty and you can see where it has its name from. Absolutely wonderful.


Blue Mountains National Park – A stunning piece of Nature

The Blue Mountains National Park is one of my favourite national parks in Australia. Because it located close to Sydney, it is accessable very easily. I went there with a german friend, while we were staying in Sydney for a week. We were travelling the East Coast of Australia at that time and this was one of our main highlights. We booked a day tour. You can also add some days, but one day is enough to see the most important parts of the Blue Mountains National Park. What we saw there was really fascinating…

View over the Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park: History, wildlife and general information

The Blue Mountains National Park has a long history. The park itself lies nearly 80 km west of Sydney and has a size of about 2.470 km², which is quite big. You will find the highest point at Mount Werong from where you have a wonderful view. The park was founded in 1959. Nowerdays the park is a word heritage site and it is protected by the UNESCO. The development of the Blue Mountains National Park began about 300 million years ago and some of the stone layers from back then still exist today.

Wildlife wise you will mainly find koalas, kangaroos, brushtail possums, horses, cows, birds, reptiles, marcupial mice and dingos in the area. The guide, that we had also told us, that you can find one of the most toxic spiders there as well. So it must be one of the most toxic ones in the world, because it lives in Australia and everything can kill you there 😉 Besides that, the park also has a long aboriginal heritage and you will find many old stone paintings there.

Where you find the aboriginal paintings

Walking along the Overcliff Undercliff track

Small waterfall in the Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park: Things to do and what to see

There are heaps of things to do in the Blue Mountains National Park. You can either book tours or discover this place on your own. I did a day tour and I recommend to do that, if you do not plan to see the whole area. A day tour is good to see everything you have to see. But if you want to experience the full beauty of this national park, you should stay longer. Generally the price for a day tour is about 80-90 $ including everything you need. Make sure you bring good shoes though, because you gonna hike for quite a bit.

The Blue Mountains National Park is not only known for its wonderful nature, but also for the activities you can do. You can go horse riding, abseiling, hiking, mountain biking, caving and rock climbing. But there is also something for people, who are not into adrenalin stuff so much. You can also relax at natural water holes, have a look at beautiful waterfalls or enjoy some untouched lakes. It depends on what you like. Additionally you have the choice to just visit some viewpoints and hang out at one of many BBQ stations. There is something to do for everyone.

Wonderful view of the Blue Mountains National Park

Big cliffs with huge waterfall

Beautiful view onto the waterfalls

Blue Mountains National Park: Highlights

The Blue Mountains National Park has so many cool places. It will take you days to tick all of them off your list. But there are some, that you have to see. The most known are the Charles Darwin walk, the Ecko Point lookout, the Three Sisters and the Jenolan Caves (apparently the biggest cave system worldwide). All of them have something special to it. I liked the Three Sisters the most. Especially the myth, that our guide told us.

I don’t know, if every guide tells the same story, but ours did a really good job of letting the story become alive. If you do a guided tour, ask for the story. It is cool, if it’s told right. Furthermore I can really recommend all the lookouts in the Blue Mountains National Park. The views are just incredible and it is a main reason why so many people go there every year. You have to experience this for yourself!

Views you get from famous lookouts in the Blue Mountains National Park

The Three Sisters – Echo Point lookout

A great view onto the Three Sisters

The Wentworth Falls walking track

Blue Mountains National Park: What I have learned

I have learned something really important from this day trip to the Blue Mountains National Park from. Our nature/ mother earth is phenominal and it has to be protected way more than it currently is from my point of view. In my opinion there should also be way more national parks on our planet, because every single one of them is different and they are all really beautiful. Every human should also visit more of these parks, because it adds more value to them and maybe people start to appreciate our nature a little more.

When I was in Croatia for example we (me and my girlfriend) made sure that we visit two national parks within only two weeks. So whenever you are on short vacations or longer travels, make sure to visit more national parks like the Blue Mountains National Park, because it is really amazing and you will be blown away every time! And maybe you help a little with that to keep them protected 😉



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