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Victoria – Australia – Top 5 Places you have to visit

By on 15. Januar 2017

Victoria – Australia, the smallest state in this country, is really fascinating. In some way it is comparable to Europe, but still everthing seems bigger and wider. It is a dream for everyone, who loves calm and beautiful nature. Especially, if you bring some time, you can discover some truely beautiful places. These are my top 5 places to see in Victoria – Australia…


Victoria – Australia – Top 5 places you have to visit

At the start of this blog I have to say, that everyone has its own opinion on what they consider to be the best places to visit in Victoria – Australia. The following ones are my top 5. I have chosen them, because I really visited these places and they are by far the most known and in my opinion the most beautiful in whole Victoria – Australia.

Buzzin city of Melbourne – Victoria – Australia

Melbourne is great! I lived there for 3 month. During that time, I really fell in love with this city for many reasons. It is the pivotal point of Victoria – Australia. Everything you can imagine, is possible in Melbourne. There is almost nothing you can not do. It is very arty. It’s full of young and cool people. It has pretty beaches. It is very green. You can visit the zoo, an aquarium or the tennis and footy stadium. It has good transportation links. Melbourne is also a very sporty city. You have many good places to go out to. Aaand, there is always something going on in Melbourne.

Besides that I think it is the most diverse metropole I have seen so far, which still does not loose its beauty, even though it is quite big. Very cool! There must be a reason why it is voted the most livable city on earth a couple times in the last 6 years 😉

Melbourne river – Victoria – Australia

Random pianos in the streets of Melbourne

Great Ocean Road – The place where I want to live

The Great Ocean Road is one of my favourite places, not only in Victoria – Australia, but maybe from all of the places I have seen so far. It is magical there. It reminds me a bit of the european coastlines, but it is just more beautiful. And everything there seems bigger and stronger. Along the Great Ocean Road you will find many spots, that are worth staying at for some time like Bells Beach and the 12 Apostles.

I went there with 3 german friends – read more here – and I loved it. I really started to get the Travelbug there. The Great Ocean Road is basically a nearly 250 km long road along the coastline of southern Victoria – Australia. Most travellers discover it by car. You can camp on some official camping grounds or do it like us and stay on some dirt roads near some massive cliffs. Just spectecular! And definitely worth a trip.

Cliffs where we slept for one night

Main attraction on the Great Ocean Road – 12 Apostles

Grampians in the middle of Victoria – Australia

The Grampians National Park lies circa in the middle of Victoria – Australia. It is a great place for a 1, 2 or 3 day trip. When I was there, a lot of it was burned by a bushfire. So watch out in summer, because that happens occasionally and you do not want to be in there I guess 😉 The Grampians are very beautiful and there is a lot to see. You can spot some different animals (I saw my first wild kangaroo there), go for a hike, visit some waterfalls or have a look at old aboriginal paintings.

Besides that, I recommend to just take some time and get in contact with mother nature itself. If you hike up some bigger hill, you will see the whole beauty from this wonderful piece of nature 🙂 A must see in Victoria – Australia.

Hiking tracks in the Grampians Natonal Park

Grampians National Park after a bushfire

Phillip Island – Victoria – Australia – Island of the penguins

This beautiful small island lies east of Melbourne/ south-east in Victoria – Australia. It takes about 1 to 1,5 hours to get there by car. This island is one of the places, that nearly every traveller and a lot of locals visit every year for many reasons. For australians it is the perfect spot to get away from their busy worklife. They probably go there, because it has a lot to see and to do. Tourists also like to go there because of the Penguin parade, the different water sport opportunities, the motor sport race track or to just relax at one of many lovely and quiet beaches.

There is a lot of other things to do as well, but these are the reasons why so many people go there – about 3,5 million per year. For an island with a size of 100 km², 3,5 millon visitors is definitely a lot and in my opinion Phillip Island is something you have to visit in Victoria – Australia.

Phillip Island race track museum

Koalas on Phillip Island

Wilsons Promontory National Park

This is also one of my favourite spots in entire Australia. Wilsons Promontory lies even further sout-east in Victoria – Australia and is the most southern point of Australia, if you do not count Tasmania. Wilsons Promontory is less visited than Phillip Island, but even more beautiful in my opinion. It is the perfect spot for nature and animal lovers as well as people, who generally like to be in the outdoors.

Because of the many various mini climate areas in this park you can see a lot of different cool stuff, that you would usually not expect. You will find rain and teatree forests and even mangroves. You do not find that to often in Victoria – Australia 😉 Besides that the beauty of this park is absolutely incredible. The beaches, the cliffs, the views from top of the small mountains. So wonderful! Just go there, believe me…

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Hiking session with friends through Wilsons Promontory

All of that is what makes Victoria – Australia such a beautiful state. It might be the smallest, but it certainly has a lot to discover…



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