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Great Ocean Road – The place where I want to live

By on 3. Januar 2017

The Great Ocean Road is an absolutely wonderful costal road close to Melbourne in the deep south of Victoria. There are a lot of cool places to see along this beautiful coastline and it is definitely one of my favourite places where I would like to live at. This is one of the main attractions to see in whole of Australia for sure.

The Great Ocean Road – The place where I want to live

I visited the Great Ocean Road after my 3 month of living in Melbourne. It was the start of my east coast trip along the coastline of OZ. I did almost the whole east coast with 3 german friends. Two of them went seperate ways after about four weeks. One of them, a good friend of mine from back home, went all the way up to Brisbane with me. We lived in a car together for the whole 3 month 😉 You can read about that in other blog posts. The Great Ocean Road was our first big highlight along the way.

Driving down the Great Ocean Road in our car

A wonderful coastline

When I informed myself about Australia back home for the first time, the Great Ocean Road was on the top of my list from the all the sights, that I really wanted to see. Obviously the Great Ocean Road has a lot of different highlights, but I think you can cut it down to a couple ones. From my point of view the most impressive thing about this 243 km road was the whole scenery itself. Just driving down all the way from Melbourne till the end is just a phenominal experience. It seems so calm and yet still so dramatic. A mix out of raw and very peaceful nature. Hard to describe…

Coastline of the Great Ocean Road – So beautiful

Pure beauty, piece and silence

Fantastic views along the Great Ocean Road

Torquay & Bells Beach

This is the place where the Great Ocean Road begins. Torquay and its famous Bells Beach are located in the north of the Great Ocean Road and a good spot for surfers. The famous Rip Curl Pro surf competition takes place there. It was our first stop along the Great Ocean Road and we watched a beautiful sunrise there as well as some surfers hitting some waves at 5 am. That is what I call dedication 😉 Bells Beach itself is very pretty and good to hang out as well. You will find some good restaurants and bars in the area. So definitely do not miss out on this place

Short tip: Watch out for the police along the whole Great Ocean Road and especially at Bells Beach. If you want to camp, try to find a camping ground or do it like we did and drive down a hidden dirt road. We camped right next some incredibly beautiful cliffs and watched a wonderful sunset on our second road trip day.

The sunrise at Bells Beach

Waves get pretty big along the Great Ocean Road

The cliffs that we slept next to

Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet is a wonderful spot on the Great Ocean Road with stunning natural attractions, maritime history and a beautiful seaside. Some cliffs in the area are about 70 metres high and present a fantastic view. The lighthouse with its local ghost stories attracts a lot of tourists and is a nice sight to have a look at. You will also find some good walking tracks as well as good beaches and even snorkeling opportunities. It also makes a good postcard 😉

The lighthouse at Aireys Inlet – So pretty

Apollo Bay

Another great spot along the Great Ocean Road is Apollo Bay. This place is pretty similar to Bells Beach, just smaller. It has a small port and it is a good starting point for travellers, who want to visit the Great Otway National Park. Definitely a sweet place.

12 Apostles and Gibson Steps

The 12 Apostles and the Gibson Steps (the way down to the beach) are obviously the biggest tourist attraction along the Great Ocean Road. It will be crowded, whenever you are there. But the scenery is absolutely one of my favourite in whole Australia. You will basically see some huge limestones looming out of the ocean, shaped through thousends of years. Nowerdays you do not find 12 rocks anymore, because some of them fell apart from erosion. Anyway, take your time while you are there. Just enjoy and soak up the wonderful feelings you get when you look what is around you. Definitely something unforgettable!

The main attraction on the Great Ocean Road – The 12 Apostles

Untouched nature and wildlife

Another cool thing about the Great Ocean Road is the untouched nature and wildlife. Along the way you will see some koalas eventually, if you look closely 😉 The green and lush meadows are wonderful to look at. You might find some kangeroos as well as different bird and reptile species. Animal lovers will have a lot of fun there for sure 🙂

Make sure you just stop and stare somewhere

The feeling of pure freedom

Tip: I recommend to spend a couple days on the Great Ocean Road at least. Otherwise you will just drive through and not be able to really experience the beauty. The best way to explore this coastline is to use a car. There are many companies where you can rent one.

After me and my friends explored the most impressive places we headed on to Adelaide and the Grampians.



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