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Travelbug – A Nightmare or Blessing for every Traveller

By on 12. Dezember 2016

The travelbug can be a true blessing or an absolute nightmare for every traveller. It definitely depends from which side you look at it and what your current situation looks like at the moment. Anyhow, once you travelled with your whole heart, you will never get rid of the travelbug and sooner or later you have to realize, that you have to live with it for the rest of your life…

The travelbug and its two completely different faces

The travelbug has two different faces in my opinion. It can be a really good thing or a bad thing for you. I already experienced both sides and I can definitely understand any traveller, who is on either of those sides. But what is it what we call the travelbug? I would call it a sentimental, nostalgic feeling or inner voice that always subconsciously goes with you while you travel or when you have already stopped travelling.

It is something that always pops up into your head, especially when you currently do not travel. This inner voice (or call it an emotion as well) asks you why you are not on the road and why you do not get your ass up and hit the next plane. It tells you that the “normal” life is boring and nothing has really changed since you came back to it.

While you travel it is more of an addiction. It keeps you going further. It lets you travel on and discover countless places. You never want to stop. It is like being on drugs when you really think about it (maybe a bit to much to say it like that 🙂 ). It definitely pushes you and keeps you excited. You wanna know what else is out there and what the world also has to offer besides what you have seen already.

It is crazy, either of these perspectives are very strong in itself. The emotions you have are very strong and you can not let go of them. Maybe you never will…

When I was on the road the travelbug made me go everywhere – Cape Tribulation, Australia

Even though it is cool to go on an adventurous vacation for a couple weeks, it is still different – Exploring Croatia

The travelbug as a blessing

The travelbug is a true blessing when you are on the road, out there exploring the world and live life to the fullest. It keeps you going and because of that you learn so many travel lessons for life. The travelbug will help you to reach your goals. It will make you work more, so you can get more money to travel. It will ensure, that you have some amazing times.

Additionally it will make you think differently and encourage you to try new things like living in a car for a few months. It will make you go to places you have never seen before. I for example have been to wonderful places like Australia – read more hereFiji, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and much more.

The travelbug is something, that comes over time. It does not hit everyone, but it certainly effects the travellers, that stay on the road for a longer time and love what they do.

Thailand – an incredible country where the travelbug made me go to as well

Another cool destination where I had to go – Fraser Island

The travelbug even made me go into the jungle – Daintree Rainforest

The travelbug as a nightmare

On the other hand the travelbug can be an absolut nigtmare. Believe me on that one as well! It will almost hunt you when you come back home for a while. Sounds hard and unrealistic? A bit crazy maybe? Yeah, but that is actually how it is. When you come back from travelling the world, almost everyone wants to know what you have done, where you have been, what stories you have to tell.

You will be a big attraction for quite a while. You will still feel like you are on the road, out there somewhere, enjoying the freedom. But sooner or later you will realize that travelling is over for some time. Reality hits you like a truck. The normal 9 to 5 lifestyle is waiting for you and you can see the imaginary cage right in front of you. Acting like a monkey in the zoo. Filling the picture that everyone still has about you…

Vacations in beautiful Croatia – So cool, but still different than travelling continiously

What I have learned

All the above is the bad side of the travelbug, because it makes you think. It makes you think, if you are maybe missing out on something. It makes you ask yourself, if you should maybe leave everything else straight behind again and keep on your incredible journey. And you know what? That is a good thing! Because now you realize that you have changed!

Your whole personality has changed or definitely improved. You know, that this “normal” life and the way of thinking from previous generations is not for you. Definitely you realize, who you are and what you want in your life. You have grown out of your old shoes and put on a brand new pair…

I for myself can only say – use what you have learned! Either use it for a new and different “normal” life. Move somewhere else maybe. You could take some time to redirect. Maybe save some money and travel again. Or find something completely new. Maybe get a whole different job than the one you did before travelling. Just make sure you do not fall into bad old habbits. You are smarter now!



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