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The dark side of Travelling the World

By on 12. Dezember 2016

I truely believe, that travelling is the best thing you can do, but there definitely is a dark side of travelling as well. No one really wants to talk about it and many people do not even know about it, but travelling is not always that shining lifestyle that everyone thinks it is…


The dark side of travelling the World

Missing home and friends

One of the first things I have learned during travelling is, that there will be times where you miss home, friends and family. When I travelled to Australia – read more here – I felt really lonely after two to three weeks. There can be many reasons for that. Some people feel lonely, because they can not connect to others quite easily, some just miss the food, the language, the nature or whatever it might be.

In my case I had a hard time to find a job at first and I had a problem with living in a tent in a garage with a dodgy host, five days after my trip started. It was hard for me to realize that quick, that travelling obviously is not always this shiny and happy lifestyle. It can be hard, especially when you miss home. But that are the tasks when your personality grows the most.

It’s for sure you will miss home and friends – A huge dark side of travelling

It can be hard to make real friends

Some people are good with making contacts, others are not. I am lucky, because I am quite good in that and I can connect to many people pretty fast and easily. A lot of other travellers are not that sociable. Maybe they do not want to, they do not know how to or they are just not used to it. It depends.

But anyway… making contact is not that hard, but it definitely is hard to make real friends on the road. People that you can really relate to, talk to and open up to. The reason is clear to see. When you travel you just go seperat ways to many times. And who would open up to someone that you do not really know?

Making real friends can be hard and that’s a big dark side of travelling

You will meet bad people eventually

Another true dark side of travelling, which I experienced for myself is, that some people are just dishonest and they do not want to do you any good. In Croatia for example – read more here – I met heeps of good people, but also some where I could see, that they did not like me straight away and I could not guess why. It is just a fact, some people try to steel from you, some lie to you, and some maybe even want to hurt you (Indonesians wanted to punch me, because I did not want to ride on their motorbike 😉 ).

In some countries like Thailand the locals in the tourism industry only think that you are a walking ATM machine. Some people are even pretty racist. I have once been called a Nazi, just because I am from Germany. So there are all different types of ways you will see that there are some bad people out there in the world, but believe me, most of them are truely wonderful.

Meeting bad people is one big dark side of travelling

Disappointment in others

It could definitely happen, that you get disappointed in other people. I have seen it a lot. Especially when you travel with other people and not on your own. There will be moments where you can not stand each other anymore. You will get angry, start yelling at each other and maybe stop travelling together. Some couples/ friends overcome these situations, but most of the time, people go separate ways, because they are to disappointed and to pissed off.

Dark side of travelling – You will get pissed off and disappointed at other people

Dark side of travelling: You will feel lonely

Loneliness maybe is the biggest dark side of travelling. When you travel solo it will happen eventually, that you feel lonely every now and then. You will miss home, friends and family. Sometimes maybe just someone to have a real conversation with. It could also be, that you get such a culture shock, that you might appreciate the normality you can have back home.

Sometimes you even feel lonely when you travel with someone else. Does not matter if you are on the road with a good friend or not. Everything is different when you travel and that is what makes it hard every now and then.

Times when you might feel lonely because you see stuff like that

You will get sick and tired

I fortunately never really had this problem, but it is a really big dark side of travelling when you get sick and tired of everything. I heard that a couple times from fellow travellers. They said they do not want to keep on going from place to place anymore, always waking up in a new bed, change climate, adapt to a different cultures and so on. They said they want something solid and stable. And that is definitely understandable, because sometimes a bit of a routine can be a good thing.

Getting sick and tired is a big dark side of travelling

The travelbug

This one is perhaps the worst dark side of travelling and a complete nightmare for every traveller. The travelbug – read more here. When you get back home you will be happy at first and completely sad at the same time. You will be glad, that everyone is healthy, friends and family are doing well, some have new jobs, some have a new boy/girlfriend, etc. You will be an attraction for quite a while, because everyone wants to know your story. What have you done, where have you been, etc..

You will still feel the hype of travelling. It is like a drug, that is still in your blood. But after a bit of time you start to realize, that nothing has really changed but you. And it is not about the way you or others look like or what kind of job they have or where they live now. It is about the personality, the way you think, the goals, the dreams and visions you have. Everything will start to seem boring and stalling… I guess that is why everyone, who has travelled with his/her whole heart – read more here – will sooner or later get back on the road!


I guarantee you will have some troubles and bad times while you travel, but I can also guarantee, that you will have way more good times. Times where you will be absolutely overwhelmed and happy you chose to travel the world!



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