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Living in Melbourne – The most livable city on Earth

By on 21. Dezember 2016

Living in Melbourne is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. I am a proud german and I love my home town Hamburg, but this city is truely great and there are many reasons why it is voted the most livable city on earth a couple times alreadyIn this blog article I do not only want to mention the cool things about Melbourne, because you already did that here. As you can read on the about Volle page, I also want to focus on personal stories, how travelling changes you and what lessons you learn from it. During my 3 month living in Melbourne, I already learned a lot about myself and I fell in love with this city. I could write so many articles about my time there, but I try to sum up the most important points 🙂

Living in Melbourne – The most livable city on Earth

The beginning of my incredible journey

When I flew to Australia, Melbourne was my first destination. I have a friend back home, who told me about Melbourne and said, that it is so cool. And it is! But first things first. when I arrived (I did it with an organisation – travelworks), I was overwhelmed by the different climate and this whole new feeling that I had. We were brought to a YHA hostel a couple 100 m outside of the city centre. I stayed there for 5 days and headed on to live in a tent in a garage with a very dodgy guy for 2 weeks.

This is where I got to know the dark side of travelling for the first time. During my first five days I sorted out some tasks, which the agency helped me with. I got my tax number, I wrote my CV and I got a bank account. I was very glad travelworks helped me with that. Nowerdays I would not do it with an organization again, because I know how to do it now, but for the first big trip it was great help.

The people I started with

The view onto the city centre from my first hostel experience ever

Sunset in the YHA hostel

The first days of living in Melbourne

During the first five days I also explored Melbourne a bit and had the first big party – Australia day. People are going nuts on this occasion 🙂 I already figured out, that you have to be open minded and willing to talk to people, otherwise you do not make many friends while travelling. Australians are different though. If they see that you are lost, they will come up to you and ask you, if they can help. Absolutely wonderful! Never seen that before…

Exploring the city – People helped me to find the Federation Square

One of many parties in Melbourne

When I moved to this dodgy place I started to feel lonely, because I had no one to talk to at that time besides another fellow traveller from the organization. I could talk to him a bit, but not more than that. After these two weeks I moved to a guys house in normal neighbourhood. I met him during the ATP tennis final.

I told him, that I was very unhappy about the situation and so he offered me a place to stay for free. That is how polite and helpful people in Australia are! I lived with him for about 3 weeks. Then I had to move out and I found a shared flat, which was a great decision 🙂 I stayed there until I left Melbourne and I had a blast.

The house in Melbourne where a nice guy let me stay at. So friendly!

This guy even made me dinner every evening. Absolutely incredible!

Making a lot of friends from all over the world

During my 3 month of living in Melbourne I made a lot of friends, only because I was open minded and I talk to people a lot. You have to stay curious and interested in others. That is the only way to make friends. I met people from so many different countries like India, Ireland, UK, France, Spain, South Africa, US, Mauritius, Italy, and many more. When I lived in this normal neighbourhood and in the shared flat I had a wonderful time.

We had so many cool parties and moments together. I never forget that one day where a friend from Mauritius played his e-guitar for me when I had a massive hangover. You could hear it all along the street (we where living in the middle of the city 😉 ). One of many perfect moments while living in Melbourne. I also met many people through the job that I got, where I fortunately was able to make a lot of money for my future travel plans.

Working and living in Melbourne

While I was living in Melbourne in a tent in this dirty garage, I found a job at a sales company. Before that I had two trials. One as a dishwasher and one as a waiter. I failed completely at both. And in one of them I did not even get payed. So make sure, that when you travel and you have a trial, that you talk about the payment first (another small lessons 😉 ).

Otherwise they will probably only use your working power. I also tried to distribute my CV everywhere I could, but only the sales company wanted me. I was so desperate for a job at that time, that I would have taken anything, but it was the best decision anyway.

My crew at work

So I started this sales job. I had to sell vouchers for car services on the spot in carparks, door to door and in real businesses. Usually when you work in Australia you get about 18 – 20 $ an hour. Because of my manager “Jimmy” and my work ethics I managed to make about 12-13 thousend dollars in 12 weeks. The job was comission based. I could travel through South East Asia, Fiji, the Eastcoast and New Zealand for 6 month nonstop because of that money.

What the job was about

It was hard work though. I literally had to talk to about 150 – 200 people a day and got rejected about 98% of the time, but I learned a lot! And we also had good times and work excursions together 😉 My manager tought me a lot about how to set goals, how to be more confident, how to think when you want to reach your goals and much more. And he is the same age as I am. Many people quit at a job like that, but when I understood that you can only reach your goals when you consistently work hard for them, then I kept pushing. And I still do that until today…

We had a lot of fun

We had dinner in the best indian restaurant ever a couple times

What I also learned there was how much energy is set free when you work for your own goals and not for someone else. I only worked for myself during that time. If I would not have worked so hard, I would not have got payed. It is as easy as that. But when you have a vison to work towards to, you put all your energy in it. And then it works out. Just never quit!

A friend from the UK, that I met at the sales company

Activities, parties and places to go to

This is another big part of living in Melbourne. There is always something cool going in this city. During my time living in Melbourne I almost went out every Friday and every Saturday night for 12 weeks. I went to White night, Australia day, Chinese new year, a Brazilian party, a Latin party, multiple clubs and bars, to Future Music Festival and even a small strip club.

While living in Melbourne I also visited so many other cool places during the day on the weekends. I visited China town, the Melbourne Zoo, the botanic garden, a footy match, a “carneval”, the Melbourne Aquarium, St. Kilda, St. Kilda Beach, the Crown Casino, various street markets and so on. And for each and every occasion there is a cool story to tell!

Future Music Festival with all my friends from Melbourne – So good!

Fireworks during “White Night”

Special moments while living in Melbourne

I remember this one night for example where I went back home from a party in St. Kilda in the middle of the night. I was walking in the middle of the road. I put my headphones on and just started dancing and singing on the street like I am crazy. It just came over me, out of nowhere. I did not care about the cars passing by. I just felt absolutely happy and free. That is what travelling does to you 🙂

And the best thing was, that I even got a free taxi ride. A taxi driver saw my wicked dance moves and stopped me. I told him that I do not have any money on me, because I spent it all. So he told me jump in, because he was on the way towards the centre anyway… how great can people and life be! 😉

Me at Formula 1 in Melbourne

Latin festival while living in Melbourne

How living in Melbourne ended for me

Living in Melbourne ended pretty quickly for me after I made a decision. I already recognized, that my personality changed slowly already and that I had to keep travelling on with all my heart. I wanted to have a budget of more than 15.000 $. As soon as I had that I bought myself a car. I lived in that car with a friend for 3 months, which is another story of my journey 🙂

After that I sadly quit my job and started heading down the Great Ocean Road.



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