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7 different ways to travel the World

By on 12. Dezember 2016

There are many different ways to travel the world. And I do not mean how you come from one to another place. I mean, the way you travel. If you do it on your own, with friends, family and so on. All these different ways have their positives and negatives…

7 different ways to travel the World

Travelling solo

In my opinion this one might be the best way to travel. I do not say, that the other ways are worse, but I found for myself, that it definitely is the easiest way to travel in terms of making decisions. When you travel on your own, no one can tell you what to do, where to go, when to work and so on. You are absolutely free in your decisions. You also have more time on experiencing what is around you.

What kind of people, nature, cultures, etc., because you do not have to look out for someone else. Maybe you might feel lonely sometimes. You have to handle everything on your own. You do not have someone to talk to all the time. That is a fact!

But anyway, the advantages you get are way more valueble than arguing with someone else on things, that are not worth arguing about. I travelled with friends, my girlfriend and solo. I can say for myself that, if you want to have some time where no one bothers you about anything, just travel solo 😉

7 ways to travel – Solo traveling

Travelling with friends

Travelling with friends can also be a lot of fun and is a good one out of all the ways to travel. I did it when I started my trip on the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne towards Adelaide and than all the way up to Brisbane. I travelled with three guys. One, that I knew from home and two that I knew from work in my sales job. We had such a great time. We went to wonderful places and had crazy partys and times together!

But we definitely had some arguments as well. Because of the fact that you almost always stay so close together (we were 4 people in 1 car 🙂 ), when you travel with friends, you will eventually have disagreements and verbal fights. Sometimes it is about the food (for example one of us was a vegan), sometimes it is about when and where to travel next.

Sometimes it is about money. It can be anything. So you have to adapt and cooperate, if you want to travel with others. The good thing about travelling with friends is, that “fights” calm down pretty quick most of the time and it is not a problem if someone says he/ she wants to travel somewhere else for a while. You just split and catch up again later. 

Travelling with friends is another one of the 7 ways to travel

Travelling with a partner

Another one of many ways to travel is to do it with you girlfriend/ boyfriend. I did that with my girlfriend Sandra in Australia for a while and on countless vacations like Croatia, Spain, etc.. But that is way different anyway. Travelling with your partner is a completely different story to all the others. You obviously have to watch out for someone and maybe even take care of him sometimes.

When the other person feels bad, does not wanna go out somewhere, maybe sometimes likes different things than you do and so on. You do not just let them hanging. You also have to arrange your travel life with the other person, just like when you travel with friends. Because if you do not, than you should not travel together.

Travelling with friends or you partner can be hard sometimes. Especially, because you are not fully free in your decision making. But it is also worth it, because you can share countless beautiful memories together, that no one else will understand, unless they have been there with you.

7 ways to travel – Partner travelling is one of them

Travelling high budget

From all the ways to travel the world you definitely have to consider the budget side of it. You can either travel high budget or low budget. Using a medium budget is also possible, but I would recommend to fully either do the one or the other side. Either you spend a lot of money and enjoy the time regardless of where you are, or you travel low budget, because you have to or you just want to see more wonderful places. Nothing in between.

For me high budget travelling means spending about 50 $ + a day (in more expensive countries like Australia 70 $ +) including accommodation, food and usual transportation. With that amount of money you can do a lot. In some countries like Indonesia you can live like a king with 50 $ a day. It’s for sure, that you can have a good time when you travel like that. You will enjoy every moment of it. You can even invite fellow travellers on drinks and food. They will surely be thankful for that 🙂 But, unless you are not very rich, you will not be able to continue that lifestyle for a long time.

7 ways to travel – Travelling on a high budget

Travelling low budget

On the other hand you can travel low budget. For me it means a budget between 15 – 30 $ per day including everything. You would maybe not believe it, but it is possible to live on about 15 $ a day. You have to stay in poor countries though. I travelled many countries in South East Asia for approximately 15 $ a day. Maybe even less than that on some days. Travelling on a low budget also has some pros and cons to it. Especially when you have the travelbug – read more here.

You save a lot of money and you can travel further without having to work in between. You will learn to live with less and appreciate the smaller things in life. Furthermore you will recognize how people live, who have way less money than you have. It is a good thing to experience that kind of lifestyle for a little while. But therefore you have to cut down on things. If you are able to that, than it is a good way to travel. But make sure that you sometimes treat yourself right.

Low budget travelling is another one of the 7 ways to travel

Travelling with working in between

I have experienced the following two ways to travel for myself as well. Based on the “travelling on a budget” question you have to see for yourself, if you are able to travel with or without working in between. Most people will have to work in between unless you are rich, won the lottery or you are a digital nomad 🙂 When I started my first really big trip in Australia I had to work first to get money for travelling. I made a lot of money in 12 weeks (nearly 13.000 $) so that I could travel 6 month without working afterwords.

Working in between also has a good side to it. Obviously you have to put in time and you maybe have to do a job, that you do not want to do, but on the other hand you get a bit of a routine for a while. You can focus and redirect again. You will probably find new friends, because you stay somewhere for quite a while. It will do you good, believe me. But you will surely want to hit the road again after that.

Travelling with working in between is one of the 7 ways to travel

Travelling without working in beween

This is what almost every traveller wants to have from all the ways to travel. Travelling without having to work in between. If you have enough money, you can only focus on where to go, what to do, who to hang out with, what adventures to start, which dreams to fullfill and so on. It is a great thing! When you do not have to think about money on the go, than you will learn the fastest on how to travel and live life to the fullest – read more here – because you only concentrate on the travel part.

When I travelled all the way through for 6 month, I started to become very grateful for it, because it is a blessing to be able to see so many beautiful places. Our world is full of incredible spots and the more time you can put into travelling, because you do not have to work, the more you can see from it. And that is truely the best way out of all the ways to travel!

7 ways to travel – You have the best times when you travel without working in between



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