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Melbourne – The most livable city on Earth!

By on 14. Dezember 2016

What is so cool about Melbourne? Why does almost every traveller love Melbourne so much? There is a reason why it is voted the most livable city on earth a couple times in the last 6 years. During my time in Australia I lived there and I also fell in love with this city for many reasons…

Melbourne – the most livable city on earth for a reason

First I have to say, that I am a total Melbourne fan. I fell in love with this city for many reasons. Maybe, because I started my awesome one year trip through Australia, South East Asia, Fiji and New Zealand there, but maybe also, because it is just a phenominal city and a great place to be at. However I have to say, that everything mentioned in this post is based on my opinion and experiences, so I can not speack for others. Even though I think that heeps of people will agree on it 😉 So this is more of a personal view, than a neutral one.

The diversity of Melbourne

When people think of cities in Australia, they always think of Sydney first. And that is legit, because it is a great city. But Melbourne also is a wonderful place and I fell in love with it, mainly for its diversity. Melbourne has everything you want from a city. Almost everything you can imagine from a city – Melbourne has it. It is green. It’s modern. It is arty. It is full of young people. It’s full of different cultures. It is vibrant. Is lies by the ocean.

It has many wonderful parks. It has a great nightlife. Aaaand it has a pleasent climate. Just really cool! You can see already I like that city 😉 , but it really is nice and very diverse in every aspect of it. Obviously you can not really experience that, when you only stay there for a couple days. You have to stay there for at least a couple month. But, if you do, I guarantee you will love it too.

View onto Melbourne from the botanic garden

Melbourne is young, wild and free

One thing, which really fascinated me about Melbourne is the fact that there are a lot of young people in this city. Maybe that is why it is so vibrant and modern. It is a great thing to have many young people in a city, because they ensure, that the city is full of life. Not just older people, who work their jobs, day in day out, being tired and do not really do anything on the weekend or in their free time anymore. People stay active. They are sporty. You will see a lot young people doing all different kind of sports in the streets and parks.

You will see people from so many different countries. Asian, Indian, European, Arabic and much more. I worked and lived in a shared flat with people from Italy, UK, South Africa, USA, Ireland, Scottland, India, Germany and even Mauritius… very diverse. You will also notice that people in Melbourne have a different style. Many people have tattoos and piercings and it is almost like everyone is into something different. Different music, different fashion, different sports and so on. And the wonderful thing about is: No one cares! You just be yourself and most people just accept you the way you are. Absolutely awesome!

So many young people from all over the world – a friend from the UK

The arty and artistical side of Melbourne

Another cool thing about Melbourne is the arty and artistical side of it. Melbourne has a lot of artists that beautify the city. They do graffiti, paint walls and much more. It is very pretty to look at, especially when you walk through some small alleys between the main roads. And it is not just the artists. It is also about the artistical people. You find so many musicans, magicians and clowns on the street. Sometimes you just wonder what you look at.

I have once seen a guy with a violin, which only had one string. And it did not really sound like violin. It had a completely unique sound to it. He could play whole songs with that. Very inspiring! And Melbourne is full of those people. They even have some randomly positioned pianos in the streets, so people can just sit down and start playing. You also find a lot of great museums and galleries in the city. So if you love art, Melbourne is the place to go to.

An artist with the “violin”

The colourful streets of Melbourne

Melbournes sunny beachside by the ocean

Melbourne also impresses with a wonderful beachside. It is a normal thing in Australia. Almost every city lies by the ocean. And is a good thing in my opinion. I like being close to the sea and a lot of other travellers do as well. It provides fresh air for the city and it gives a beachy vibe to it. It is also good to get away from the city life. The beach also has a pier for big cruises. It is used for transportation from Melbourne to Tasmania. You will even find some penguins in St. Kilda. Unfortunately the beach area is not good for surfing, but definitely good for relaxing.

Beautiful sunny day at St. Kilda beach

Skyscrapers and normal urban suburbs

Besides the beachy side of Melbourne, you will find the diverse urban side as well. Within the urban side you will find many differences. The city center is built like a square. You only find shops, banks, offices, agencies, governmental buildings, universities and a lot of big skyscrapers. One of them, the Eureka tower, is even higher than 297 m. Very cool! But as soon as you walk out of that square for 50 – 100 m you find a completely different kind of architecture.

Small houses, shops and caffees with a very old style to it. It feels almost like you in small villages. You will see many parks and normal neighbourhoods with schools, kindergardens, shopping facilities and so on. It is a very quick and radical change over such a small distance. Pretty unique. Additionally you have some districts like St. Kilda and Brunswick, that I could compare to my hometown Hamburg. They are very alternative, which I like a lot. So there is something for everybody.

Skyscrapers of Melbourne

Where the suburbs begin

Clean and modern

Something, which really impressed me as well, was, that Melbourne (and every other city in Australia) is really clean. You will almost find no rubbish. People do not even like seeing other people throwing something on the street. They will tell you to keep the streets clean. A very good attitude, I think. Furthermore it is a very modern city. I can not really explain why, but everything, besides some suburbs looks very new.

I would also call it modern, because Melbourne has a good transportation system. A lot of people use the bike or the trams, because there is space made available for that. The train lines are highly developed. You find a lot of green places and well maintained streets and footpaths. It is just very well rounded city.

The clean streets of Melbourne

Melbourne is modern – Also in terms of transportation – Many parts to ride bycicles as well

The city of activities

Lastly I have to mention, that Melbourne is the city of activities. It seems like there is always something cool going on in Melbourne. The city has various festivals and days where everyone is going out to have a good time. White night (the whole city center shines in white), Australia day, Chinese new year, and much more.

You can also do so many other things. You can visit the beautiful botanic garden, go to the aquarium or the Melbourne zoo, watch a footy game, have great nights outs in various bars and clubs in different areas, you can do water sports on the river and by the sea, you can watch ATP tennis matches, you can visit the Crown casino, go to an adventure park, go to local markets where they sell literally everything, visit china town, and sooo much more… Anything you wanna do, Melbourne has it!

Local markets in Melbourne

The Melbourne Aquarium

China town in the city center

So Melbourne definitely has a lot to do and to explore. A great city, which is really worth visiting. Living there is even better. You can experience the full beauty of this city. I lived there for 3 month and it was such an adventure!



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