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13 Travel lessons for Life from exploring the World!

By on 12. December 2016

When you travel around the world, you will sooner or later discover some travel lessons! For each and every one of us there are different travel lessons, but they will definitely change your life, or at least, make you think about certain crutual things in your life differently. Here are my top 13 travel lessons, that I have learned from exploring the world…

I know you will find many articles about this topic on the internet and they will all tell you pretty much the same things, but I think besides those travel lessons you find there, I found some for myself, that might be a bit different… some of them are actually life lessons for me and you can adapt them to many situations…

13 most important travel lessons I have learned while exploring the world

Get the best out of every day

The maybe most important lesson, that I have learned is, that you always should try to get the best out of every day! This phrase is actually tattooed on my arm 😉 … I know it is a cliché, but time goes by extremly fast and in my opinion you should always try to make every single day count. I know it does not work every time and not every day is an unforgettable one, but for me it means, that you should just get the best out of your day/ life. It could mean, that when you have a goal on a particular day, than concentrate on achieving that.

If you are sick, laying in bed, try to get healthy. If you want to realize a deal today, keep striving until you have done it. If you have a big dream, try to turn it into reality and work on it every single day, because if you do the best you can day in day out, than wonderful things will happen eventually!

Nr. 1 of all the travel lessons

Everything depends on your attitude

This is one of the travel lessons, that I learned for myself during working in Melbourne. I mainly learned it because of my former manager called “Jimmy” in Australia (thanks Jimbo 😉 ). I did a sales job back then and I had to sell vouchers for car services face to face on the spot at carparks, door to door and at real businesses. 95 % of the people/ colleagues I met there (almost including myself) quit the job, because they think it is to hard and they do not like to be rejected, which happens a lot at a job like that. But when you change your attitude, you change your personality.

You literally change everything in your life! If you think you can do something, does not matter what it is, than you can. If you think you can not do it, than you won’t. If you think you can be a world traveller, than you can. If you think you can not, because of whatever reason, than you won’t. Believe me, it works for everything! And you can adapt that to anything. You just need to change your perspective…

You can do anything with the right attitude – 3726 m mountain climbing

Do not care about other peoples opinions

There are many travel lessons, but this one is really important as well. When you live a normal life, doing a pretty normal 9 to 5 job, always staying in the same city, etc. than you will possibly care about oher peoples opinions. People have a certain picture of you in their mind for e.g. friends and family and you get draged into a corner, that you do not get out of anymore. Maybe you even subconsciously try to fit into that picture even if you actually do not want to. That is what I have experienced at least… but now I know better.

Travelling showed me, that you should stop caring about other peoples opinion, because if you do, you will not get forward in life. There will not be any progress. It does not matter what people think, as long as you are happy with yourself and what you do. Sounds like a cliché, but it is the truth. People, who judge you and have an opinion on others straight away are the people, who do not have anything else to do. They do not have goals, they do not have dreams. So it is a matter of attitude again… which side do you want to choose?

It is so important, that you are doing you, regardless of what anyone else says. Because ultimately you want to get the best out of your life I guess. And you will not be able to do that as long as other opinions effect you!

Me with the Maori in ripped shorts, untrimmed beart, wild hear, but still did not care about others opinions

Be yourself

This is one of the travel lessons, which is very simple, but many people forget it. During my travels in Australia – read more here –  I figured, that there always is a place and a time for the right people coming into your life as long as you just be yourself. If you pretend to be someone else, you will attract likewise people. If you just stay as you are, than you will meet great personalities and make a lot of friends all over the world. It is as simple as that!

Just be yourself is such a valuable one from all the travel lessons

Surround yourself with people who do you good

This is one of the travel lessons, that connect with the one above. It is pretty simple. Surround yourself with likeminded people. Just like anywhere else in life you need people around you, who do you good. There is no point in travelling or sharing time with people you can not connect with. It actually makes it worse.

In my opinion it is a waste of time, because if you do so, you will not have as much fun as you could and you might ask yourself “Why am I sharing time with people I can not really connect with a 100% ?”. And if you have not found them yet, than just travel on solo 😉 That is also really great, honestly! 🙂

Travel lessons – Surround yourself with the right people

Real magic comes from the people, not the place

The following two travel lessons are very important to me as well. When I was travelling South East Asia on my own for 4 months I felt a bit lonely sometimes. I have seen many places there, that most people consider to be the most beautiful spots on earth – you can see them on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. But I sometimes had no one to share these moments with. It was still really beautiful, but something was missing.

I realized, that you need friends around or at least people you like in order to be truely happy, because it is all about the people, not about the place 😉 I mean, as you might know yourself, other people can not see the things the same way that you do, when they have not been there with you… and who do you want to tell these amazing stories to, if no one can really relate to it?

Otres beach – A wonderful place, but the magic came from the cool people I hang out with

Never judge people before you know them

This one is so good. Believe me when I tell you that, you should never judge people before you really get to know them. Do not judge them from the way they look, do not judge them from the country they are from, do not judge them from the pictures you have seen of them, just do not judge them in any way. Try to have a real conversation first (I do not mean small talk 😉 ).

As far as I can say I met the coolest people with the best stories and personalities when I got to know them. When I saw them I could not believe, that they have so much great stories to tell and advise to give. If you judge straight and stay away you maybe miss out on someone great!

Never judge people before you know them is a really important one from all the travel lessons

Open heart, open mind

During the time I travelled South East Asia I also hang out with a guy, that I met by accident. Maybe you can call it destiny as well 🙂 You can read the whole story in another blog post. But what he basically said to me during a calm, peaceful night with a couple beers near Mui Né was “open heart, open mind“. He meant, that there are not a lot of people in our world anymore, who really have an open heart.

And only a truely open heart leads to an open mind. In order to attract great things, people, places and situations you need to have an open mind. Really simple, I know. But this actually worked for me. The more I opened up, the better my trip got. And it always turns out the same way until today.

Travel lessons – I was open minded and took the advice to learn

You can not connect with everyone

Even if you surround yourself with people, you do not try to judge them and you come up to them with an open heart, you still will not be able to connect with everyone. But you know what? That is okay. Just make sure you give it a try, because you never know, who is in front of you. Just be aware, that it can not click every single time.

You can’t connect with everyone, but with some you do very well


Stop complaining

During my time in Australia – read more here – I have learned that complaining does not bring you any further in life. Never! People stole my and a friends whole backpacks in Brisbane, I got money stolen from me a couple times, cheated on, lied to and much more. But the more I focused on these bad things, the worse my day was. As soon as I stopped complaining and kept looking forward, the situation always got better. It is just a waste of time and it does not change the situation. This leads me to my next travel lessons…

Stop complaining is a really important one from all the important travel lessons

Except the situations like they are

Believe me, there will be bad things happening during your travels. The sooner you learn to except the situations like they are, the less time you loose on the “what if…”. What if my backpack did not get stolen from me, what if I had catched this flight, what if I would have spoken to this girl/ boy, what if I had decided to go to that place instead of this one. It is all relativ. Just accept it and keep looking forward to what is ahead of you!

Me and a good friend at the Great Ocean Road – Backpacks got stolen, but we carried on

Just do it

This is one of the travel lessons, that has something to do with your attitude. While travelling or at some days in life you will get confronted with a situation where it says “now or never“. I figured for myself that it is the best thing to answer with “just do it!“. Should I do that bungee jump? Should I jump out of that plane? Should I visit this “dangerous” country? Should I climb that mountain? Should I talk to that person? Just do it and see later on if the decision was right or wrong. If you do not do it you almost always regret you did not take action. Just believe me, you do not want to say would have, should have, could have…

Just do it is a big one from all the travel lessons

Everything will be good

The last one of my travel lessons is something you just have to believe in when you travel. Everything always turns out to be good! Whenever something negative happens, something good will follow. My grandpa once said “after every valley comes a mountain”. And travelling prooved me that. It will all be good as long as you stay positive, have a great attitude and be open minded 😉



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