travelling changes your whole personality, travel, blog
travelling changes your whole personality, travel, blog
travelling changes your whole personality, travel, blog
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10 ways Travelling changes your whole Personality

By on 13. Dezember 2016

Travelling does a lot of great things to you and there is no doubt about it, that travelling changes your whole personality for the good, if you do it with your whole heart. I have changed and learned a lot of lessons from travelling. It made me a better person and try to use that every single day.

10 ways Travelling changes your whole Personality

First of all I have to say, that travelling changes most of the people in different ways. Some things match with everyone for sure, some others don’t. It always depends on what you have done, where you have been and what kind of people you were surrounded by. So the following attributes can only count for myself, but I guess many other travellers will agree on them 😉

Travelling changes your perspective on everything

The maybe most important thing that travelling changes your whole personality to is the fact that you get a whole different perspective on everything. You think differently. And you also always think twice. You can sooner or later suddenly understand other people way better, because you are able to see life from their position. You think differently about what is surrounding you and what really matters to you.

Besides that you maybe even think different about our whole world and the system that we currently living in and that continues to go on. You think different about nature, people and life in general. You change your perspective on what you want to see in life, where you want to go, the person you would like to be. Just everything! I know that is hard to believe, but everyone, who travelled with their whole heart knows what I mean.

Travelling changes so much of your personality for the good

You become more open minded

Travelling changes your whole personality in many ways and becoming more open minded is a big part of that. When you travel for a longer time you will start to open your up for other cultures, people and ways to live your life. You maybe become friends with people from countries that you have never even heard of. Probably you start to try completely different food, wear other clothes, learn a new language.

You open your mind for new places to stay at for a longer time. For new ways of travelling around (like hitchiking for example). For different types of jobs. You open up for way more you would imagine and that is a wonderful thing, because that is a part of becoming free.

Travelling changes your whole personality – Becoming open for other cultures is one aspect

You leave your comfort zone

This one is something no one can argue about. Travelling changes your whole personality, especially, because you eventually have to leave your comfort zone. When I was in Australia I lived in a car for 3 month. It worked! When I was in Vietnam I travelled through the whole country with a motorbike and nobody even really spoke English. It worked! In Thailand I learned diving. It worked! In Indonesia I climbed a vulcano, no toilette, no bed, no nothing. It worked! Leaving your comfort zone is an exciting and beautiful thing at the same time, because you learn so much, that you would not even believe it.

You leave your comfort zone

You become grateful

Travelling changes your whole personality not only in terms of new things, but also in terms of what you already have. You will see poor places and meet people, that have way less valuebles than you have. They have to build houses out of whatever they find. Playing with sand, stones, wood and rubbish is normality. They maybe even do not have clean water or enough food. They only have themselves. And that is more than enough for them to be happier.

They are way happier than we are most of the time, because there is less to care about. You start to realize, that you do not need much to be happy. Almost everyone, who travels, should already be the happiest person on earth. Why? Because you have enough money to do so and you probably come from a privileged country! And after a while you will definitely be grateful for that. Believe me…

Being grateful is one point how travelling changes your whole personality

You learn to let go

This one is hard, but it is something you will have to learn on the go eventually. Travelling changes your whole personality in a way as well, that you learn to let go of things an people. Because of the fact, that you meet so many cool people that all have a different path and go to different places, you have to learn to let go.

Otherwise it will not be possible to travel, unless you are only by yourself all the time and you do not want to make any friends. Learning to let go is a hard but good thing. You can concentrate on new things. You can go new ways. Travelling makes you realize that there just some certain things sometimes, which you just have to do! And letting go is a part of it.

Sometimes need to say good bye

You become more relaxed

You will have so many times while travelling where something bad happens or you have to wait for things. Sometimes things take really long as well. Travelling by bus within Asia for example will teach you that 😉 When I was travelling from Thailand to Cambodia I once have been stuck in a bus for 16 hours. The ride should have been taken 5 and a half. Or my 20 hour bus ride from Alice Springs to Darwin… So there is no other opportunity sometimes than to calm done, relax and just let go.

You become more relaxed and do not care about everything

You learn to focus on what you really want

This is also an important thing that travelling changes your whole personality to. When you travel around you see so many places. You get so many different impressions. You get influenced by a lot of various things. There will eventually be a point, where you think about what you really want and where your next steps in life gonna take you. Otherwise you would run around like a confused headless chicken and that is not what you want. So every traveller will some day has to sit done, think of what what they really want and make some decisions. And that will repeat constantely 😉

My dream is to be free, travel whenever I want and to inspire others to get the best out of their lifes

You become more curious

Travelling will make you more curious. That is definitely another way, which travelling changes your whole personality to. The more you try out new things, the more you get curious for even more new things. It is like a circle, which continues to go on and on. And this is a good thing, because there is so much to explore out there. So be curious!

You focus on what you want – For me, that is travelling the world

Your mental flexibility will grow

Sometimes during travelling some things will happen, that you do not expect to happen. Just like in “normal” life. You maybe can not find a place to sleep, so you just sleep at the beach. Or you can not find a place to stay for a longer term, so sleep in a car for a while. Or you do not find a job, so you start to do some cash in hand jobs like I did in Brisbane Australia. Travelling changes your whole personality so much, that you do not get bothered about all that and you just take it how it comes. Sometimes you just say “Fuck it, lets do it” and you live life to the fullest, regardless of the consequences.

Travelling changes your whole personality – You will become more mentally flexible

You become more adventurous

The last important thing, that travelling changes you whole personality forever is the cool fact, that you will become more adventurous. You gonna see life as a big adventure anyway, but you also do not let go of any chance to do something fun. I have done so many adventurous things while travelling already and I loved all of them.

Learning how to dive in Thailand. White and black water rafting, bungy jumping, mountain crossing, sand dune sliding, etc. in New Zealand. Surfing and climbing a vulcano in Indonesia. Exploring the jungle and the desert in Australia. And many many more things. Travelling just makes you so much more adventurous and you will have countless stories to tell when you are old 🙂

You try out so many new things when you travel – Scuba Diving



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      Thank you so much mate! Really means a lot. Been putting a lot of work into this blog lately. Glad that you enjoy it. Makes me wanna do even more!
      I am gonna write about similar topics again. That is what I focus on as you might have seen in the “about Volle” section 🙂

      I do not only want to write about the destination, but more about the experiences and the personal growth as well 🙂

      Hope you have a look at my blog again!

      Cheers Volle


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