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Australia – The time of my life! – Part 2

By on 3. Dezember 2016

As I said in Part 1, Australia changed my life completely and I had an awesome time! Especially all the beautiful places I have seen and the adventures I had, made this such a special place to me. The number of wonderful sights you see when you spend enough time in this country and the lessons you learn just never stop growing…

The highlights of Australia

Fraser Island

Time to party and time to experience fascinating nature! That is what comes to my mind when I remember Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island on earth and it belongs to the state of Queensland. It is close to Brisbane and you can get there easily by booking a tour (that is what I did) or you go there on your own with a four wheel drive. When you book a tour you will see the most beautiful places like the lake Mc Kenzie, the Maheno shipwreck or the 75 mile beach! Every evening you can also have a good time with many fellow backpackers in a big camp. It is lots of fun! 🙂

Maheno Wreck on Fraser Island

Byron Bay – time for parties and hippie love

The sub headline does not quiet reflect the variety of this phenomenal place. Byron bay is just amazing! I went there with a couple friends for one week and I regret, that I did not stay longer. Every backpacker wants to visit Byron bay. That is a fact! You can have crazy partys, go for a surf, hang out at the beach or just relax and have a good time. What makes this village so special is the vibe and the atmosphere. It has a cool hippy kind of style to it. You have to experience this yourself! 🙂

Byron Bay`s beach side

Noosa – the subtropical paradise

Noosa is one of my favourite spots during my time in Australia. It is pretty small, but that is what makes it so special to me. You will not find a lot of other backpackers. It is a brilliant place to surf, to fish and to just enjoy some easygoing days. There is a small national park as well. If you walk through it, you will come to completely lonely beach. It is wonderful! Noosa definitely is a dream came true to me.

Sunset in Noosa Heads

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

A place that made my time so special in down under as well, is the Australia Zoo. Since I was a little boy I always wanted to visit this zoo and meet Steve Irwin. Unfortunately I could not meet him (RIP Steve), but I could at least experience what he has built up close to Brisbane… a truely wonderful zoo with many details, where every animal gets treated very well. Just like they deserve it. You will be suprised how cool this place is 🙂

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

Airlie Beach

This place and all the other fabulous sights you can reach starting from there, is something you definitely have to visit. Airlie Beach lies in the north east of Queensland and it is very special. My girlfriend Sandra and I spent a couple days there, exploring the area. You will find various small harbours, some nature parks and really pretty bays. You can also do sailing and sailpane trips, visit the Great Barrier Reef, go diving and much more. A nice place to relax and enjoy life. Just be careful with the toxic jelly fishes 😉

View over the light blue bays near Airlie Beach

Paradise on the Whitsunday Islands

I think that the name speaks for itself. The Whitsunday Islands are a true paradise! From all the places I have seen in my life so far, this is ranked under the top 5. The Whitsundays include 74 islands and parts of the Great Barrier Reef. You can book many different sailing tours. During that you will visit Whiteheaven Beach, go snorkelling, watch breathtaking sunsets, maybe spot some humpback whales and much more. I absolutely loved it!

Me at Whitehaven Beach

Jungle time at Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation

During my travel time with my girlfriend Sandra, I also visited the Daintree Rainforest as well as Cape Tribulation. These two places are very different already, compared to what you see down the east coast. It is very humid and you can feel the proximity to the equator. The Daintree Rainforest does actually belong to the Amazonas in Brazil. The movement of the plate tectonics torn them apart. You can do day tours through parts of the huge forest and to Cape Tribulation on your own. You will see trees with a size like you probably have never seen before, the special Mossman Gorge, unique mangroves, cool wildlife and maybe even some cassowaries 😉

Me at Mossman Gorge

Cape Tribulation

Alice Springs – Down Under

Alice Springs truely is something special. I went there during australian winter time. Not that many backpackers go there, because it is either quiet hard to reach or pretty expensive to get there. Especially tours are not that cheap. But it is worth it! You get in touch with Aborigines, see the red center, and experience a completely different landscape once again. Especially Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon are spectecular.

Ayers Rock during sunrise

View over Kings Canyon

Litchfield National Park – Northern Territory

After I have seen the red center, I went to Darwin and started to discover the surroundings. Because of time pressure (I flew to Bali a couple days later) I had to choose between Kakadu National Park (UNESCO World Heritage) and Lichtfield National Park. I chose Litchfield, because many people told me, that you could experience the same beauty in an area that is way smaller. And I made the correct decision. Litchfield is stunning and, once again, completely different to the rest of OZ.

Litchfield National Park waterfalls

What I have learned in Australia

Obviously the travel life is not always that sparkling, awesome and shining. I also had to go through some ruff times as well. Throughout the whole year of work and travel in OZ, South East Asia, Fiji and New Zealand my money and personal stuff has been stolen a couple times (more than 2.700 $ in total), I had a motorbike accident, I almost got bitten by a deadly snake, I could not find a job, I have been lied to in several job trials, I have been rejected during my jobs, I thought I had Dengi fever, I had been lost in the middle of asian mountain ranges, I felt lonely many times and much more (I talk about this in upcoming blogs)…

But at the end of the day, all the good and bad times taught me countless of lessons for life! That is why I keep on travelling as much as I can in the best way possible and I recommand to anyone to do the same!



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Especially when you are away for a longer term. But also short trips like my recent one to Copenhagen always help me to remember some lessons and show me some new ones
Traveling teaches you about other cultures, nature, other people, politics, human behaviors and ultimately about yourself
But just like anything in life, the great learnings don't just happen all of a sudden. You need to keep moving forward in order to get smarter and better at whatever you do
And if you want to become a better version yourself and learn as much as you can, then you have to work hard on your behaviour and always stay open minded
At the end of the day it's all about putting one foot in front of the other. Just never stop learning. And if you need a good teacher, start travelling as much as you can. Even if it's just for a short trip to Copenhagen... 😉
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It's the best thing ever and I can't get enough it 😊
It is just the best thing to do. We are not designed to stay in one place all the time to do the same boring things over and over again
We are made to go discover new places, see amazing spots we have never seen before and do things we have never done before
It's all about making as many days count as you possibly can❗
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