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Croatia: Canyons, Coastlines and National Parks – Part 2

By on 1. November 2016

As I said in Part 1 of this blog series, me and my girlfriend Sandra spent the first couple days exploring Omis and the surroundings. We definitely wanted to see the some special places of Croatia. So, we decided to go to one of many Croatian national parks, the canyon Part 3, that we have recently discovered, parts of the endless coastline Part 4 and a pirate castle Part 5 🙂

Krka National Park day trip

Journey, general information and expectations

So, now we had to choose, because there are a couple beautiful national parks in Croatia and even in Bosnia. From what we have heard they are all almost equally beautiful. In total you find 8 national parks and 11 nature parks in Croatia. Some of them are even under the protection of the UNESCO. We could decide between the Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park. It was also in our minds to drive to Bosnia, but in the end it definitely would have been to far for us. We decided to go to Krka National Park, because it was the closest and it supposed to be really nice.

We packed our daily bags, drove there and did not know anything about this place to be honest. But it absolutely exceeded our expactations. We drove for almost 2 hours from Omis to Krka. Along the way we could see some different kind of landscapes compared to what we have seen at the coast. The mainland was dry, rocky, less inhabited and full of big farms. Really pretty to look at and very raw. Worth a road trip 😉

Mainland with farms and a lot of hills

Small city on the way to the national park

Exploring Krka National Park

When you go to Krka National Park or any other national parks in Croatia, then make sure you bring your swim suits/gear, good hiking shoes and maybe a water proved camera, because what you will see is suprising and fascinating at the same time. Ticket prices are about 25 $ per person (you pay in Kuna). The park extends to nearly 109 km². It includes various rivers, really old monasteries, an old smithery, many animal as well as plant species and much more.


You will not be able to see everything in a day. You need at least a couple days to view all the hot spots. We did the “normal” tour, which was more than enough to be satisfied. You basically walk around the main parts of the park, that everybody wants to see. The water stairs, the waterfalls, small lakes, big lakes, light blue water… Just magnificant!

Water stairs with stunning water colour in national parks like Krka

One of many big lakes

View over the national park with an old smithery

But I wanted to see a bit more than that, so I walked off track (the reason for good shoes 😉 ) and found some incredible other hidden places. I went a bit deeper into the forest and found a special mini cave as well as other stunning waterfalls. You can see that in the my video on Youtube and in Part 1 . I felt like “Tarzan” 🙂 So, make sure you walk off track.

Hidden falls and caves in national parks

Legends and what’s allowed in national parks

But just like always there has been a small catch. The one thing that bothered me a bit, was that the park was completely overfilled. Certainly national parks are a big attraction, but for me that was to much. I could not define exactly how many people come to nationals parks like this one in a day, but it must be a couple thousend. I have heard, that the Plitvice National Park might not be as overloaded as the Krka National Park. On the other hand you are able to swim, which is not allowed in Plitvice National Park (a big reason for us to go to Krka).

Taking a swim, in one of the areas where it is allowed, was absolutely beautiful. The water temperature is pleasant and the water colour is really unique. On top of that, you get to see a pretty cool underwater world, if you have some snorkeling gear with you. The ultimate highlight for me was the big waterfall called “Skradinski Buk”.


This waterwall is a perfect motive for postcards and vacation photos. It’ss really big, powerful (50 – 300 cubic meters of water pouring down per socond) and fascinating to look at. According to legend the waterfall and the 18 water stairs in front of it have been created by elfs, goblins and water ghosts 😉 – just stunning!

The beauty of national parks – Skradinski Buk waterfall from above

Small village, natural pools and even more waterfalls

Most national parks have a variety of special things to see. So does Krka. When you walk along the given path, you eventually come to a tiny village with small natural pools and another cool waterfall next to it. The village itself is very old and it looks like it was built thousend years ago. You will find a small smithery, restaurants and various souvenir shops. It’s also a good place to end the day, because it got a special charme to it.

Tiny waterfall next to a small village

Natural pools can be found in many national parks

When we decided to go back to Omis, we walked up a small path to the carpark. Along the way you can see parts of the park from above. I definitely recommend to take the effort. You will not regret it!

On our way to the apartment we already planned the next highlights 🙂



Read more about it in – Part 3



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