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Croatia: Canyons, Coastlines and National Parks – Part 4

By on 1. November 2016

Sandra and I now had visited a couple cool places like Krka National Park Part 2 and the Cetina river/ canyons Part 3, but we still wanted to see a lot from the endless coastlines. The coastlines were the third big highlight for us, because they are just incredibly beautiful!

Fortunately we had a rental car, so we could easily get from A to B. We only had one city on our list, that we wanted to visit on the coastlines. The place I mean is called Makarska. We also went to Split for a day trip – read here – and headed to several beaches along the way to relax and enjoy the good weather.

Coastlines and day trip to Makarska

We started our day trip to Makarska quite early, because there suppose to be a lot of traffic. And that was correct. As a result of how the roads were built (just one lane in each direction), you will probably be stuck in the traffic right before you reach Makarska, which is not really enoyable, especially in summer time. If you do not have an air conditioning system in your car, then it will be quite uncomfortable. It is a 1-2 hour drive, just to get from Omis to Makarska. I guess, there will be the same issue again and again until Dubrovnic.

But still, the whole way to Makarska is just gorgeous! And that was what we wanted…

Croatian coastlines

Cities along the coastlines – On the way to Makarska

One of many beautiful bays

Things you see on the way

You will be suprised how wonderful the coastlines of Croatia are. There are many cool spots for travellers and campers. You will see a lot of hitchhikers as well, because the costal road is perfect for that. Campers (a lot of people come to Croatia with a van) will find parking bays with magnificant views onto the islands every couple kilometers. If I would come with my van, I would do it the same way. Absolutely wonderful!


Especially when the sun goes up or down you will be fascinated…

Island/ Ocean view from a parking bay

Sunset view from a parking bay

You also gonna pass al lot of small beaches, bays and cities. All of this is really pretty to look at. The beaches are very clean, the water is clear and the cities all fit into the old/ roman picture. Besides that, we have seen some old vineyards at the bottom of the mountain ranges close to Makarska.

Coastlines from a higher perspective

Coastal road between Omis and Makarska

Vineyards near Makarska

Makarska – Things to do and what to see

Until we finally arrived in Makarska, we already had seen some nice places and spectecular nature. Like I said in Part 1 I have not seen something more beautiful than Croatia within Europe thus far, if you combine everything that we have done so far. Makarska itself is a nice city. It is way bigger and more touristic than Omis. Makarska is the place we  initionally wanted to stay at, but it was good, that we have chosen Omis. There is much more to see in the area and it is way less touristic. At least it felt like it.

But Makarska is still a nice place, especially for families. There is a very big beach and lots of activities you can do. You will find many air castle/ playgrounds on the water, which can be used for a couple dollars per day. The video in Part 1 shows, that we have played on them as well 🙂 You can also go paragliding, drive a jetski and much more. Additionally you will find many restaurants, kiosks and beach vendors, which is quite convenient.


The hotels are mostly built directly next to the beach or at least in the second row. So, there is almost no distance to cover. The water is clear and warm. Plus you have a good view onto some islands as well. In my opinion Makarska a good place to stay, if you are more into ordinary vacations. If you want it differently, than take a smaller village like Omis.

Small parts of a beach in Makarska

Sunset at the beach in Makarska

Our day trip along the southern coastlines ended with a good dinner and a lovely sunset. We headed back home to prepare for our last big highlight in Croatia 🙂



Read more about it in – Part 5



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