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Australia – The time of my life! – Part 1

By on 29. November 2016

Australia has been incredible for me! Besides home, it is my favourite country, even though I have seen many other beautiful places already. The lessons I have learned there, the friends I made, the nature I have seen, the partys I rocked, the cities I have been to, the fun and the trips I had… absolutely unbelieveble!

Australia – The time of my life! – Part 1

Different faces

There are many reasons why I love Australia, but the most important one might be, that this country has so many faces, as you can also see on my Youtube channel/ video. By faces I mean, that there is so much to discover and it is very diverse. The people, the landscapes, the cities, the wildlife and and and… I will talk about that in many toher different blog posts. There is so much, you just can not put that into one 🙂

Obvioulsy I can not deny the fact that Australia was also so special for me, because it was the first big trip (besides Chile), that was longer than 2 month and I had to do and go through everything on my own. Many other travellers will remember the start, day or moment were they realized they had to handle everything on their own… in a different country! It is frightening, but when you do everything with an open heart & an open mind and you do not always stay with people from your home country, than I guarantee, that you will have an awesome time!

Pure freedom and happiness in the Daintree Rainforest

Life changing stuff

For me, Australia changed my life completely. Especially from the way I see and look at literally everything. If you travel in a proper way (from my point of view) – I explain that here – you will eventually get that feeling of pure freedoom, happiness and relief! Do not get me wrong, not every day is great – read more here. There are gonna be bad times as well, but when you look back at your trips you will some day definitely say ” **** yeah, that was an amazing time” 🙂

You learn so many lessons – read more here –  and it will be a completely different life from what you know back home, doing the things you always do, day in day out. Everyone, who has done something similiar knows what I mean… and everyone, who has not yet, will experience that eventually when they start travelling with an open heart!

The highlights of Australia

There have been many highlights in Australia. Unfortunately I have not experienced the west coast, so I can not tell you anything about it apart from that I have heard, that it is suppose to be really beautiful and not overloaded with backpackers. Besides that I have seen all the known hot spots of Australia AND some more onknown places as well. Of course everyone has his/her own secret places, that they consider as “Must See”, but I mean all the spots, that every traveller wants to see. You can read something about every single highlight in an upcoming single post 😉

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a wonderful road along the coastline of Victoria towards South Australia. It has a length of about 246 km and many really pretty spots along the way like Bells Beach, the 12 Apostles, Apollo bay, the lighthouse at Lorne and much more. It is perfect for a road trip and you can easily spend one or two weeks there. The Great Ocean Road is also really good for surfing. The nature and wildlife there is incredible. You will find many kangaroos, koalas, etc. It is definitely a place where I could see myself living in the future!

Me at the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Melbourne – the capitol of Victoria

Melbourne is a phenomenal city! I had a great time there and met many awesome people. In my opinion it is the best city I have been to so far besides home. And I do not say that, because it was the first place I stayed at when I started my trip in Australia. There is a reason why it always has been under the top 3 of the most livable cities in the world in the last decade. This city has plenty of things to do. Its is very vibrant, arty and great place for young people. Besides that it is very green, has cool beaches and there is always something special happening in this city.

View onto the skyline of Melbourne

The buzzin city of Sydney

Sydney is crazy! I have to admit, that I only spent a week there, but as far as I can say, it is an extraordinary city. A really cool place and the largest city in Australia. There will always be a discrepancy of whether Melbourne or Sydney is the better city. I would have to go for Melbourne, but that is obviously because I have not spent enough time in Sydney. From what I have experienced it is still pretty awesome. The Harbour bridge, the Opera house, Bondi beach, the botanic garden, Mainly beach… the list of cool places seems endless.

The Opera House in Sydney

Blue Mountains National Park

The first well known national park that I have seen in Australia is the Blue Mountains National Park. It lies in the northwest of Sydney and is an UNESCO World Heritage area. It really is a beautiful national park with stunning views. The special thing about it is that, when it is misty and the temperature starts to rise, than the water condenses and it looks like the park shines blue.

That is where the park has its name from. There are many cool spots and myths about this park. You can experience them yourself on a guided tour. Many companies offer these tours, which are pretty fun. I have done one as well and I highly recommand it.

Stunning view from a lookout point in the Blue Mountains – Australia

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is buzzin! I went there on my trip up the east coast of Australia. I spent a couple days there and enjoyed it a lot. It is a good place to surf and to party. The nightlife is great. What I liked the most about Surfers Paradies is the panorama along the beach. Countless skyscrapers next to an endless beach. Definetely something you should see when you travel Australia.

Sunset at Surfers

All of these places are great, but there is endless more to see…



Read more about it in – Part 2




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